Carrera Copacabana 2010 | Rally Information

Carrera Copacabana 2010 The *rally in the *Spirit of the *Legends

The Legends

Which car enthusiast does not know the name of Juan Manuel Fangio from Argentina or Ayrton Senna from Brazil?

Which geographer has not heard of the IguazuFalls or Lake Titicaca?

Which historian has failed to hear the story of Macchu Pichu or the speculation about the Nasca Lines?        



Who can take part?

This event is open to healthy classic car and 4x4 lovers, capable of driving roads that are often tough and challenging for just over four weeks. You need to be adventurous and eager to see new parts of the world by getting off the beaten track.  It is helpful if you are at least a little bit crazy!


The rally will stay in the best available hotels along the route. However the types of places that we visit mean that inevitably some nights the hotels will be of a higher grade than others.  It is possible that on one or two nights there will be no suitable hotels available and we will have to pitch tents.  Breakfasts and evening meals along with a daily sample of the famous local wines are also included.


The route


Check the route in Google Maps. The start will take place in the centre of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and the finish is at the world famous beaches of the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. From the homeland of legendary Juan Manuel Fangio to the country were legend Ayrton Senna was born.

Our route will pass through some of the most exciting places on earth. Starting in Buenos Aires with treasures like La Boca, the music, the meat and the Plaza de Mayor, you will get excited from the moment you hit the ground.

We then travel from highlight to highlight. The plains and steppe of Patagonia, the famous winter sport resort of Bariloche and then the first of many climbs over and through the high and mighty Andes.

The mysterious Nasca Lines. Kilometre long drawings in the hard rock surface of Peru.  Were these made by astronauts, gods, or beings from another planet?  We will go and experience this great mystery for ourselves.

We are now in the deserts of Chile, on our right hand side are the Andes and on our left the Ocean.

Iquazu Falls, the most impressive of the “big three” is another must see place. But before this you will already have passed through Cusco, the Inca influenced region and the remains of the hidden city of Macchu Pichu, the highest navigable lake in the world, and the highest capital city in the world.