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The Arctic Circle 2021 a 20 year anniversary

The Arctic Circle 2021


For the first time in 20 years of organizing rallies we have to change a date of one of our events. We have not taken this decision lightly. Coronavirus has the world in a choke hold and there is no real prospect as to when this will end. Unfortunately, the current restrictions being imposed by the governments of most of the countries we would pass in the rally means it is no longer possible to organize the Arctic Circle Rally this year.

No one can be sure as to how this will develop in the next few months. This uncertainty,  in combination with  large growing financial obligations, has led us to the conclusion that it is best for all involved that we postpone the event.
Looking at things from your point of view; once we will all be able to return to our “normal” life there are businesses to be saved and possibly more pressing things to return to than rallying.

We apologize for this drastic measure but we believe it is the right and necessary one!

Some events have decided to move to the autumn or even early winter of this year, but as the goal of this event is to reach the Arctic Circle on the longest day of Midsummer, we believe the best option is to move to 12 – 27 June 2021. Safer for both your health and that of us as organizers and volunteers, but also because the rally calendar will be pretty full in the second part of the year and we would not want you to have to cancel your entry.

The route is ready, all equipment ordered, down payments made for lunches and hotels so a lot of the cost has already been paid for. All entries will naturally be transferred to the new date without extra charge. 

The positive side of this - because we always look for the positive - is that we now have the possibility to check for extra rooms in the chosen hotels and therefore create more space for your friends to enter the event in 2021!

We trust that, given this extraordinary worldwide situation that affects us all, you understand and support this decision.

Should you have any further questions regarding this decision, we are more than happy to answer them by either email or phone. In the meantime please stay healthy, and we wish you and your loved ones the very  best of luck getting through these difficult times.


Around the Baltic  

In 2021, 21 years after the first 2000 Mile Trial, Classic Events will again take you on a drive of discovery around the Baltic. From the start on 12th June to the Arctic Circle to celebrate Midsummer with the locals and finish in Oslo on the 27th June - this way we reach the most northern part of the route on the longest day of the year. The sun does not set here… 

It all began as a one-time event after Bart Rietbergen and Keith Baud got to chat sitting on the dock of Monaco harbour after the Monte Carlo Challenge in 1998. This resulted in a company that has now been or¬ganizing International Classic Car rallies all over the world for almost 20 years. We have now decided it is time to return to our roots and as a result many of the original organising team from Holland and England are getting together again to run the event once more. They hope you will look forward to this trip as much as they do. 

The concept of this event was, and still is, to provide you with an unforgettable 7000 km journey through countries and cultures where rallies rarely go. There will be a competitive element with a few regularities a day, and the occasional special test, but the social side will be just as important. 
Although the 2021 event will not retrace the exact route of the original, it will still follow the same principle of a circular drive of discovery starting in Western Europe and finishing just north of Oslo.  In between those two points crews will travel through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia before a short ferry crossing of the Baltic takes them to Helsinki for the start of the Scandinavian leg of the journey.
From there they will head into the famous 1000 Lakes territory of Finland before penetrating the endless pine forests and tundra of the far north.  After reaching the Arctic Circle at Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and home to Santa Claus, the route then swings west into Sweden before crossing the border to reach the breath taking coast of Norway.  The final few days will be spent exploring the dramatic Norwegian fjords and mountains before the Gala Finish just north of Oslo, and a ferry home to Europe.
Just like it was when Clas¬sic Rallying started in the 1990’s; there will be simple map based navigation, straightforward uncomplicated regularities, and manned timing points and controls. We will be visiting the best overnight hotels available on route, with two rest days, and shorter days approaching the end of the rally. Since the sun does not set at this time of year there will definitely be no night driv¬ing, however hard you try! 

Like the original, we trust that The Arctic Circle will be an event that you will remember. Europe is an immense continent and you will be driving your favourite car through some of the remot¬est areas known to man. 

What type of car is eligible?
There will be two categories; Vintage cars of a type in production before the end of 1948, and Classic cars of a type in production before the end of 1969. Whilst not eligible for overall awards, cars in production before the end of 1972 will be accepted at the organisers discretion. Whichever type you decide to bring it should be reliable, have a fuel range of at least 300km, and be fitted with an accurate tripmeter. 

Do I need a competition licence?
You do not need competition licences, helmets or fireproof overalls. This is not a speed event but a road rally, run within normal traffic rules. 
Above all the event is intended to be friendly and fun; with time to socialise with your fellow participants and enjoy the scenery and other attractions en-route.

What kind of event is it? 
It is certainly not a Winter Trial like event in the sense of intense, complicated competition. We will be driving 3 or 4 regularities per day (area permitting) and an occa¬sional driving test. Because of the total distance to be covered, the individual days could be long, but the fast, empty, and beautifully engineered roads of this part of Europe and Scandinavia should ensure you cover the distance easily.  We are sure that any newcomer will feel right at home on this event. 

What will the road and weather conditions be like?
The roads we will use are generally good asphalt or some smooth gravel; but there will be no car-breaking sections.  Early summer temperatures in Scandinavian countries vary from around 13-22C  in the south to 8-16 C in the north. Some rainfall may be expected so you should carry warm clothes and waterproofs. However, twenty years ago we had a heatwave in Poland and snow on the highest roads in Norway – but then that was before global warming!  

What does the entry fee include? 
You are guaranteed 16 days of wonderful driving roads. The Route Book will provide all you need to complete the route and plot it onto your own maps. 
Accommodation and most meals are included, from the Welcome Dinner the evening before the start to the Prize Giving Dinner at the finish. Every crew completing the rally will receive finisher’s awards, and overall and class winners will also be presented with trophies. Dedicated parking, metal rally plates and number roundels will also be provided. A team of marshals and mechanics will tag along to ensure the most smiles per mile and make sure we will all reach the finish line in Oslo. 
Not included in the entry fee is fuel, vehicle insurance, car shipping to the start and, after the event, from the finish.

Entry fee 
A deposit of €1500 will secure your entry on the event. A balance of €13450 is then payable before 21 June 2020, or €15450 after that date.  Please contact the Rally Office for more information.