The Arctic Circle, a 20 year anniversary Around the Baltic, a 20 year anniversary

The Arctic Circle, a 20 year anniversary

The Arctic Circle in 2020, Around the Baltic  

In 2020, 20 years after the 2000 Mile Trial, Classic Events will again take you on a trip around the Baltic in Mid-Summer. From the start mid June to Rovaniemi to celebrate Midsummer with the locals and to finish in Oslo on the 28th of June. This way we reach the most Northern part of the route on the longest day of the year. The sun does not set here…

It all started as a one-time event when Bart Rietbergen and Keith Baud got to chat sitting on the dock of the Monaco harbor after the Monte Carlo Challenge in 1998. It has resulted in a company that has been organizing classic car rallies for 20 years. The Winter Trial, The Kiwi Trial, The Trial to the Nile, Carrera Copacabana and The Himalaya Trial are just a few names of our long distance events. Now it is time to return to our roots and we hope you are looking forward to this trip as much as we do.

The concept of this event was, and is to provide you with an adventurous journey through countries and cultures where rallies rarely go. There will be a competitive element with a few regularities a day but primarily it will have a sociable character.

The competition will be just like it was when classic rallying started in the 90's with just 1 manned timing point per regularity so no GPS tracking...

We will be visiting the best hotels available on route, 2 rest day’s and shorter day’s approaching the end of the rally. Since the sun does not set this time of year there will definitely be no night driving, however hard you try. Unfortunately we were advised not to visit Russia and enter St Petersburg as was the situation in 2000.

We still trust that this journey will be one that you will remember. Europe is an immense continent and you will be driving in some of the most remotest areas known. 

What kind of event is it?

It is certeinly not a Winter Trial like event in the sence of competition. We will be driving 3 or 4 regularities per day (area permitting) and an occasional driving test. There will certainly be longer day's but taking into account the time of year, this should not cause you to drive in the dark.

You will need an accurate tripmeter, stopwatches etc to complete the challenges ahaed.

I am sure that any newcomer will feel right at home in this event.

Entry fee
The entry fee for this 16 day event will be € 14.950,-. Please contact the rallyoffice for more information. (+31 578561115 or

What does the entry fee include?

You are guaranteed 16 days of wonderfull driving roads. The comprehensive Route Book will provide all you need to complete the route. 

A team of marshals and mechanics will tag along to ensure the most smiles per mile and make sure we will all reach the finishline in Oslo. Secure parking, metal rally plates, number roundels, maps will be provided.

Accommodation and most meals are included, from the Welcome dinner the evening before the start to the prize giving dinner at the finish. Every crew completing the rally will receive finisher’s awards, overall and class winners will also be given trophies. Not included in the entry fee are fuel, vehicle insurance, car shipping to the start and, after the event, from the finish.