News 2 - All points north

ALL POINTS NORTH.                                                                    

When competitors on next year’s Arctic Circle Rally reach Rovaniemi in Finland on Midsummers Day, they will probably be closer to the North Pole as any Classic Car Rally has ever travelled. The home town of Santa Claus is bang on the Arctic Circle and as such is much further north than many other more frequently visited places in this extreme part of the globe.

As Keith Baud, route designer for the event, explains. “This overnight halt represents the midway turning point of the sixteen day classic odyssey to the Arctic and back. However overnight is a bit of a misnomer as of course the sun does not set this far north, therefore we can party a bit longer!”

It is a common assumption that places like Iceland and Alaska are in the Arctic, but just a glance at any atlas will show this is not the case. For instance Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, is almost 600km south of the Arctic Circle, whilst Nuuk, the capitol of Greenland is 265km shy of the same latitude. Just over the Finnish border with Russia, Archangel, destination for the famous Arctic Convoys of WWII, is still over 200km south of Rovaniemi, whilst Iceland, despite its forbidding name, isn’t even within the fabled circle!

After a Midsummer party in Rovaniemi, the event will head north-west, even deeper into Lapland, before turning south into Norway for the final run down the spectacular west coast to the finish near Oslo. The Dutch organisers – Classic Events N.L. – have already received 20 International entries for the 7000km long event, which starts at Potsdam near Berlin on June 13th 2020.

The rally represents a rare opportunity for vintage and classic car enthusiasts to drive their favourite car through remote parts of the world that many people do not even get the chance to see. Furthermore, penetrating the Arctic Circle could earn successful competitors the right to claim membership of the exclusive “Blue Nose Club”!

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