Entryform Beach to Bridge Liberation Rally 2016

The entry fee

The entry fee for this event is € 3.950,00 and includes 5 nights of accommodation in double room occupancy (including pre-start) in the best suitable hotels inclusive: breakfast, dinners, lunches, stickers, rally plates, prize giving dinner and road book.


1. There is space for a maximum of 45 teams.
2. In case the organisation has to cancel the event because of
circomstances beyond their control, the entree fee will be refunded
less € 75,- administration fee.
3. If the entree is cancelled by the entrant less than 6 weeks before
the event, no refund will be done.
4. The undersigned accepts and understands the terms stated by the
5. Me, the signee, declares to participate at my own risk and I do not
hold the organisation lyable for any damages occorred or caused by
me during or in the preperation of this event. Also I declare to have
sufficient insurance compliant with the local laws for both the
vehicle and the car passengers.
6. I declare to have read and to understand all stated in this form.
7. The entry fee has been transferred to the account:
NL61RABO0104638095 in the name of Classic Events stating my
name and the events name.

Driver / Pilot

Codriver / Co Pilot

Car/Plane details