The Winter Trial 2016 January 24 -29 2016

For the third time in a row, The Winter Trial will go north to discover more snowy and icy roads in Norway and Sweden. From the start and finish location near Oslo we will see beautifull scenery, unique mountain passes, a lot of lakes and circuits. It promisses to be challenging for both the car and the driver aswell as the navigator. 

With 10 circuit tests, over 30 regularities, 2 nightloops and all this in a short amount of daylight we have a lot in store for you again. Not to mention the navigation section sections that surprised a lot of people in 2015.

With 2 recconnaisance trips done and 1 to go in December to check the rally in the proper conditions. Most of the work is done... Finalising all the details before X-mas Mark Appleton has his work cut out for him.

The entry form can be  downloaded or you may choose to go the electronic route.

Car transport. Erwin de Lange is our official Winter Trial transport company. See what he has to offer. Download.




This year we are offering our competitors the chance to become an Ice master and Master the Ice. Just three days before the event we organise the rally school. A two day course by professionals will learn you the tips and tricks of driving on slippery roads. Interested to fill one of the two last places?? Mail us

Transport of the rally cars is handled by Erwin de Lange Transport. To and from the rally Hotel and on top of that he will follow the rally with a small trailer to pick you up in case you are stranded. Ask for his very reasonable quote.