The Winter Trial 2016 Icecold...the best

The Winter Trial JANUARI 24 - 29, 2016 has been given a new nick name. ICE COLD THE BEST. And yes we like it.
At the end of March Mark and Jan Peter went out to Norway to explore new and old roads for the 2016 edition and where snowed in for a few days at the airport.

But the mission was completed and the result has being worked out on the maps. So just before you go on your summer holiday, make sure to save a place for the 2016 event. As we are going to the land of bears and honey we show you some pictures to get in the mood.



The entry form can be downloaded or you may choose to go the electronic route.

The winter Trial is usualy followed by some experienced service crews. But as life goes on it is always worth to look for new alternatives.