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The Spring Trial Discover the Spring!

What’s in a name?

In 2021 The Spring Trail is entering the rally calender. And unlike The Winter Trial, it will be a touring event for Pre-War and classic cars.

What is The Spring Trail?

The Spring Trail is a five day regularity/tour rally which takes place in the Spring from the Austrian mountians to the Slovenian coast.

It is an experience driving on both tar and gravel roads through the beautifull landscapes of Austria and Slovenia. The fuel driven teams will drive approximately 300 km per day. 

What can you expect?

  • Start                                                     May 23rd 2021
  • Finish                                                   May 27th 2021
  • Cars                                                     Pre-war (till 1952), Classic (till 1974) 
  • Length                                                 approx. 1.500 km
  • Navigation type                                   Basic map reading & tulips
  • Competition                                         Regularity’s, driving tests
  • Touring option                                     Only visits TC's and lunch halts


The first ever Winter Trail was organized in 2001. This event was won by Roger Byford and Willy Cave, driving a MGB. This first edition went from The Netherlands southwards through the Alps to finish in Monte-Carlo. Since then we visited all countries in Europe where there is a reasonable snow expectation.  Now the Spring Trial will drive the same routes but without the snow and ice.

I am new to the Trial, is that a problem?

That definitely is not a problem. In March 2021 we will organize an afternoon for the newcomers to teach you the tips and tricks.

Who can compete?

If you have a valid driving license and common sense, good humor and an interest in having fun and asuitable car than you can enter!

What class should I enter?

We have two classes: The Challenge Class drives the full route without regularity's. The Trial Class is more competitive. You need a more experienced navigator for the more difficult navigating on the regularity sections.

Do I need a competition license?

Yes you do, but if you do not have a valid one we will provide a KNAF rally pass at signing on (included in your entry fee).

Do I need to be a professional rally driver/navigator?

This is not a speed event but a road rally, run within normal traffic rules. You do not need helmets or fireproof overalls.  Above all, the event is intended to be friendly and fun; with time to socialize with your fellow participants and enjoy the scenery.

What does the entry fee include?

You are guaranteed 5 days of wonderful driving roads with hopefully a lot of sun. The Roadbook will provide all you need to complete the route and follow the mapbook.

Accommodation and all meals are included, from the Welcome Dinner the evening before the start to the Prize Giving Gala Dinner at the finish. Every crew completing the rally will receive finisher’s awards, and overall and class winners will also be presented with trophies. Dedicated parking, metal rally plates and number roundels will also be provided. A team of marshals and mechanics will tag along to ensure the most smiles per mile and make sure we will all reach the finish line.

Not included in the entry fee is your bar bill, fuel, vehicle insurance and car shipping to the start and from the finish back home.

Entry fee

A deposit of €1.500 will secure your entry on the event. A balance of €4.000 is then payable before 1 October 2020.  (all amount ex VAT). Please contact the Rally Office for more information.