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Beach to Bridge Liberation Rally 2020

Liberation Rally 2020

The idea for the Beach to Bridge Liberation rally was born from my desire passion for history in combination with my passion for classic cars.
Starting from Normandy in 2014 and 2015, we decided that it is now time to look further south at the landing beaches near Nice. A less known fact is that on August 15, 1944, allied forces landed in this area to push the Germans north from there. Operation Dragoon was launched to open a second front so the Germans had to divide their forces more, thus making them weaker. One of the results however was that the SS Pfanzer Truppe was ordered to clear a path for retrieving soldiers through the center of France and they took their job seriously. One example of their thoroughness still is visible today in the shape of a small town called Oradour sur Glane. The start location of the 2020 Liberation Rally.


We have created a tour for you following the road to the liberation of Europe and we will visit a number of highlights on this route. As the ones who joined us before know there is only light competition in this event and apart from the competitive sections which are map sections,  the road book will be in Tulips. 

There will be 2 or 3 competitive sections per day which may be a regularity, a navigation section, a combination of both or a driver’s test. First and foremost we stick to our highly sociable character for which our events are well known. (All day distances are subject to changes at the moment the brochure is going to print).

Tuesday 15th September, 240 km

From the hotel in Limoges it will take us about 30 minutes to get to Oradour sur Glane where the start of the rally will be. We chose Limoges as this town is a beauty and has the best hotel available in the area to hold our group size. We will spend most of the morning at Oradour sur Glane to look around this devastated town that was kept like it was found by the allied forces after the Germans had passed through. An unforgettable experience for most of you, I am sure. 

Passing through the beautiful Charente and Vienne the day’s end will be in Poitiers. Poitiers is now know for its futuistic look on the world but mostly destroyed in june 1944 in Operation Bullbasket. Some old buildings survived and we hope to sleep in one of them. 


Wednesday 16th September, 260 km

From Poitiers it is off to Le Mans for our second night halt.  The Indre et Loire region has it all. Farmland, rivers, Castles and beautiful roads to drive on. A region less visited by tourists but stunningly beautiful. Up to the Sarthe region, where the famous 24hr circuit borrows its name from, we would have to make a stop and visit the Le Mans 24 hr museum. Not much relation to a war but when in the area...

Thursday 17th September, 280 km

From Le Mans it is off to the Normany Coast. It is basically a straight line North but that would be too boring would it not? I am sure we will be able to find you some Calvados Chateau's on route and we will pass through the Pocket of Falaise. A famous piece of of battle ground history. Our hotel for the night should be overlooking Omaha Beach. With a bit of imagination you might see the allied forces coming ashore in the early morning...

Friday 18th September, ?? km

From here to the finish of the event is about 30 km's  in a straight line but I was asked to spend more time around the caostal area to have time to visit the sights. We will try to show you all! but not without some rallying in between!

The event will have its finish at Cabourg in the centre of the landing beaches.


During this event we will try to challenge your map reading ability on several regularity sections and map reading sections and show you how the navigation worked in the past. One of these methods was invented for the pilots and the resistance to find their way in the after being dropped or shot down behind enemy lines.

There will be 3 classes in which you will be able to enter:

Vintage: till 1945

Classic: 1946 till 1975

Open tourers: 1975 till 2016


The finish of the event will be at Cabourg with a prize giving dinner and final overnight stay.


Since this undertaking is done with mostly classic cars, there is always something that could go wrong with your precious classic car. A specialized crew will follow us all to make sure that we do not leave anyone behind.


As usual we will take you to “the best available” hotels on route that will take a group of our size. All hotels, dinners and lunches are incorporated in your entry fee so the only extra cost you will have is the cost for fuel for both yourselves and the car. The entree fee is € 3.995,00 based on a double room including 5 nights and 4 day's, 5 dinners, 4 lunches and all musea we visit on route. There is space for a maximum of 40 entrees. Single rooms can be booked upon request at an extra charge of €900,-.


The Beach to Bridge Liberation rally is an idea of Classic Events. Timo Rietbergen invites you to participate in this adventurous journey. For all your questions, we are available for you on working day’s at +31 578 561115 or if you wish to enter, please register via the site or download our entry form from the download page.